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    Our Leadership

    Barbara Bekkedahl Headshot

    Barbara Bekkedahl

    Senior Vice President, Ad Sales

    As the senior vice president of ad sales for The Weather Channel television network, Barbara Bekkedahl leads the sales team focused on direct sales across the network. Bekkedahl?is responsible for driving overall ad revenue growth and client and agency partnerships. In...

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    John Goodwin Headshot

    John Goodwin

    Head of Marketing & Vice President of Communications

    John Goodwin serves as the Head of Marketing and Vice President of Communications for the Weather Channel television network. In this role, John oversees all marketing and internal and external communications strategies across the company. These efforts include all...

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    Bill Higgs

    Bill Higgs

    Chief Financial Officer

    Bill Higgs serves as chief financial officer at The Weather Channel television network. In this role, he combines financial and strategic expertise to build value, increase profitability and assess risk. Higgs has over 30 years of diverse industry experience including...

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    Lauren Linder

    Associate General Counsel

    As associate general counsel for The Weather Channel television network, Lauren Linder leads the company’s legal team, which provides legal and business strategy, support and counsel to the company. ? Linder joined the network in 2015 as as director of business and...

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    Melody Smalls

    Melody Smalls

    Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer

    Melody Smalls serves as chief human resources and compliance officer for The Weather Channel television network where she leads all development and execution of human resource strategies while maximizing organizational performance and attracting and retaining talent. She...

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    Nora Zimmett

    Nora Zimmett

    Senior Vice President, Content and Programming

    Nora Zimmett serves as senior vice president of content and programming for The Weather Channel television network. Nora oversees all aspects of Weather’s live and original programming?and its world-renowned storm coverage. She is responsible for the overall editorial...

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